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"What of a man who is seriously ill?" "If he is quite unable to stand or squat in the prescribed postures for prayer, then he must say them whilst lying down. And if he is unable to speak, then he must raise both hands to his temples as a sign of reverence to God. Do not forget that our postures make men show humility before God, by causing them to prostrate themselves. It is good for men thus to acknowledge the greatness of God/'
"Five times a day seems much to ask of men ?" "No; these prayers are essential to remind men frequently of God, and also to educate them spiritually, as I said before. Thus, when they address God as the Merciful, they learn that mercy is acceptable in His eyes and it is a suggestion for them to become merciful in their own lives. Similarly with the other qualities which we ascribe to God."
- An official entered. He took the Grand Rector's proffered hand, bent down and kissed it fervently, then touched it with his forehead. After he had seated himself, I asked: "What is the object of the pilgrimage to Mecca?" "Just as mosques increase local fellowship in Islam, so the Mecca prilgrimage increases international fellowship in Islam. All men are brothers in Islam, and both niosque and pilgrimage enable them to come together as such. Equality is a principle of Islam. Islam is essentially democratic and destroys class hatred. Islam has solved the problem of pauperism by prescribing ordained alms, by taking a certain percentage of the money of the rich to be distributed to the needy. If all did this, goodwill, peace and compassion would reign supreme among mankind; a sound equilibrium between classes would be established. Every man who believes in Allah meets in the mosque or on pilgrimage every other believer as an equal. Thus a king may walk beside a beggar, or pray beside him. Islam calls upon people to lay aside racial and other distinctions, while it makes religious unity and humane principles the tie that binds people together. No credit is given by Islam to anyone except for righteousness and good deeds. For so saith Allah (be He exalted):
" CO men, We have created you all of Adam and Eve, and we have made you into peoples and tribes that you might know one